Fiumicino keeps winning awards

Congratulations to the airport of Fiumicino for winning “the COVID-19 5-Star Airport Rating” from Skytrax. A great example of creating well-organized, world-class, high quality spaces in Italy.

But it’s not only organized, rapid testing that Skytrax noted in its review of FCO. The airport scored points for having easy-to-read signage in multiple languages, strict enforcement of mask wearing, visibly present cleaning staff and efficiency thanks to the consolidation of all incoming and outgoing flights to a single terminal for easier tracking.

Why Alitalia sucks

While talking about airports, on the other end of the spectrum we have Alitalia – a failed Italian company that is only kept alive artificially for several reasons I still don’t understand. Their handling of reimbursements for COVID-19 related cancellations has been underwhelming. Besides the fact that I have a personal beef with them for not reimbursing cancelled tickets and even money without providing tickets (I guess due to some problems with their website), they seem not only to be later in the game than other companies, but also reimbursed way less so far:

Reimbursements 2020 (so far):
Lufthansa: 2,5 billion (Euros)
Emirates: 1,4 billion (Dollars)
Alitalia: 123 million (Euros)

Why Poste Italiane sucks

Speaking of bad apples and subpar customer service: Poste Italiane. I always suspected that the postman (or woman) didn’t bother to ring the bell at my place, even if I was expecting a “raccomandata” (basically a tracked / registered mail) on a certain day, now there is proof. Typically I would simply find a notice stating that they passed by and nobody was at home. After all this “trick” to save time had a system and was not coincidence. The fine of 5 million dollars by the Authorities probably won’t hurt as much, but it certainly is a slap in their face.

Why I’m leaving BancoPoste

Personally I try to avoid any of their services, including the BancoPoste, whenever it’s possible. After being fed up paying ridiculous commissions for everything, I have switched to N26, an online bank that offers a free account! It won’t be the right choice for everyone, but it’s a great online bank that covers most basic needs (If you use this referral link you and I will get 5€ if you choose to switch).

N26 is completely online, it’s free. It’s app only, fast, modern. You can pay with your phone, but they will also send you a Debit Card. They also have paid options if you need more features. And you will get an Italian IBAN with every account.

So far, it’s been a relief to use it. Send or receive money for free. Fast. Instant feedback on your smartphone or Apple Watch. Love it (so far).