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In archetypal mythology, dragons guard piles of gold; overcoming fears can bring great rewards. We won’t shy away from challenging ourselves and each other in this podcast and we’ll have a great time doing it!

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#6 How to debate on social media. Is civil discourse possible?

Is there value in debating other people on social media, or is it just a waste of time? Can your really change somebody else’s opinion or are we so locked into our own bubbles, that it is an impossible task? Is it even possible to have a debate behind a screen, with a lack of visual cues, non-verbal feedback and without knowing the other person? The Three-Headed Hydra debates – about how to debate on social media.

22 min | PG
Released Jun 22, 2020

#5 The Wim Hof Method. What is the hype about?

The Wim Hof Method, created by Wim Hof aka “The Iceman”, is a mixture of frequent cold exposure, as well as breathing and other techniques. The correlation between these exercises and suppression of the innate immune response have been studied by scientists. In this episode the Hydra dives into the cold and tries to get to the bottom of what the hype is about.

23min | PG
Released Jun 15, 2020

#1 Did Joe Rogan sell out to Spotify?

The Hydra is hungry and feeds on information! What happens once Joe Rogan will become available exclusively on Spotify? What are the technical, philosophical and practical implications? Did he sell out? Will everything remain the same? Will Joe regret the deal? Should he have gotten more money?

22min | PG
Released Jun 3, 2020

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Three heads are better than one! If you enjoy chatting and chuckling on psychological and physiological topics, we hope you’ll enjoy this as much as we do!

The Three-Headed Hydra podcast is the fruit of Sal, Den and James’ experiences and research on a given topic in each episode.


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