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Hey, Sal! Podcast #19 – Gary Cassin (Personal Trainer, Bootcamp Leader)

I am always fascinated by those who are not only capable of summoning the energies to get out of bed and get ready to conquer the world, but who also have the motivation, patience and skills to inspire others to join the ride. Gary Cassin is one of those people. He is a personal trainer, bootcamp leader and OCR coach. He has opened his own studio next to the Colosseum where he helps people from all walks of life, from athletes to housewives reaching their personal goals. We talk about that and also all the hoops he had to go through to open up a business in Rome, Italy.


Hey, Sal! Podcast #17 – Enrico Terrinoni (Academic, Literary translator)

Enrico Terrinoni is an Italian academic and literary translator. He has written several books and regularly publishes articles regarding Irish matters on “Il Manifesto”, an Italian newspaper. He has also translated several books by James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, Brendan Behan, Francis Bacon and many more.

Hey, Sal! Podcast #16 – Tarik Barri (currently on tour with Thom Yorke)

Tarik Barri was in Rome to perform at the Auditorium Parco della Musica, since he is currently on tour with Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich.

Tarik Barri on tour in Rome with Thom Yorke

Tarik stopped by to have a chat with me. Learn what got Tarik into visual art and how he approaches new projects.

Tarik also shares his interesting story about how he first met Thom Yorke. Other topics include Tarik’s preference of one computer platform over another. Last but not least they discuss how musicians can avoid being exploited.

I really enjoyed getting to know Tarik Barri and listening to his story and everything that lead to this day performing with Thom Yorke. It was very clear that he is very passionate about visual arts and music. He was very patient and kind enough to do an episode even though he had to perform later that day.

A quick note regarding the production of this episode: This was the first day in our new podcast studio and ironically I didn’t do a great job recording the sound. I hope you still get something interesting out of this episode.

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Hey, Sal! Podcast #13 -Gino Bottigliero and Paul Staunton

Gino Bottigliero is co-founder of the first Irish owned and run pub in italy called “The Fiddlers’ Elbow”, which was opened in the fall of 1976. Being such an old pub,and having been the first in Italy, has led the pub to becoming very well known not just in Italy but also in many other countries around the world.

Paul Staunton is a musician, composer and photographer from Dublin, Ireland.

Hey, Sal! Podcast #12 – Alessandro De Filippo and Antonio Valentini (Er Gin)

Er Gin is the first and only Roman gin, a result of the collaboration between Alessandro De Filippo, Antonio Valentini, Emiliano Valenti and Francesco Peruzzi. Alessandro De Filippo is an Italian entrepreneur with businesses both in Italy and the United States. He has co-founded “Er Gin” and is also co-founder and CEO of Your Place in Rome, an innovative solution for university programs and students seeking short term housing accommodations and related services in Rome. He has also created the Borromini Study Center and is involved in several other projects. Antonio Valentini is a biologist and one of the co-founders of “Er Gin” and together with other scientists has also created a startup called “light Science” with the goal of making blood tests safe, fast and cheap – from home.

Hey, Sal! Podcast #08 – Chiara Cortez and Daphne Nisi

Circlesinging is a unique experience that combines improvised vocal music composition and community singing practice, but not only! It is a concept inspired by Bobby McFerrin’s Circlesongs, originating in traditional and ancient singing rituals. Circle Singing Roma, organized by Chiara Cortez and Daphne Nisi, brings this unique phenomenon to the Italian capital and in this podcast we talk about and discover what it is all about, show a live example, learn where it comes from and why more and more people all over the world are joining Circlesinging!

Hey, Sal! Podcast #07 – Mirka Farabegoli and José Witteveen

Mirka Farabegoli is a Dutch artist who graduated from the Arnhem Art Academy ArtEZ in 2009. She works mainly within the field of drawing and printmaking. 📷 Mirka’s Instagram: 🌎 Mirka’s Website:

José Witteveen studied at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. In the last years, she has dedicated her work to the eternal city of Rome through portraits of its streets and people. 📷 José’s Instagram: 🌎 José’s Website:

Both artists just returned from an art residency in Salina, Sicily and in this podcast they share their experience.

Hey, Sal! Podcast #06 – James Egerton and Joshua William Dennison

James Egerton is a teacher at the International House Accademia Britannica in Rome, Joshua William Dennison is an entrepreneur running a business in the UK. Both are athletes and marathon runners. In this podcast episode we talk about preparing for a marathon, how Joshua found himself in an official Muay Thai fight in Thailand, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life, The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Game by Neil Strauss and much more.

Time Codes:

How James and Joshua got into running marathons 2:36
The origin of the marathon race 6:28
Systematic vs. organic training for a marathon
Things that can go wrong on a marathon day
How to prepare for your first marathon?
About Roman water fountains called “big noses (nasoni)”
Carrying stuff while running
About amateurs outperforming professional athletes
Getting through the crowd at the beginning of a race
Eliud Kipchoge and the Breaking2 Documentary
How people are respectful practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu
How Joshua ended up in an official Muay Thai fight in Thailand
Bruce Lee and Wing-Tsun
The four stages of Learning
Rule 9 of Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life
Nothing you think you know know is an absolute
Watching Jordan Peterson Debates live
About algorithms and Homo Sapience
The Game by Neil Strauss and social dynamics
The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
The Rome Marathon 2019 itinerary (Maratona di Roma)
Eating before a race
How your marathon race time is measured
Open Mic Rome

Hey, Sal! Podcast #05 – Alfie Anagni (Musician, sound engineer)

Alfie Anagni is an Italian musician and sound engineer. In this podcast episode we talk about how he became a musician, how the music scene has changed over the last 30 years, his experience performing at the Italian Music Festival “Sanremo”, the nuances between commercial and “good” music and much more!

Hey, Sal! Podcast #04 – Dock Knowtorious (physician, musician and CEO of Tantra for All)

Dock Knowtorious is a physician, musician and CEO of Tantra for All. In this episode we talked about how Tantra can improve your sex life, non-gender tantra, naked statues in Rome, how this all connects to his background in IT and as a physician. Dock even played a few tunes live on his guitar!

Hey, Sal! Podcast #03 – Angelo Monacelli (Actor, Musician)

Angelo Monacelli is an Italian actor and musician. In this podcast episode we talk about his career as an actor (RAI, Mediaset etc.) and musician (“The General Brothers”) between Naples, Rome and Milan, the power of Kundalini Meditation, how to remember your lines as an actor, why some people have more focus and thrive in life than others and much more.

Hey, Sal! Podcast #01 – Francesco Amatucci

Francesco Amatucci is a pianist, brown belt martial artist and has a degree in law in Italy. In this podcast we hang out and talk about his time as a real estate agent and their tricks, global warming, people calling themselves artists, his bicycle and traffic in Rome and other random, often unrelated stuff.