Join the show by clicking on the button above.


Please note:

You need a working camera and a microphone connected to your computer to participate.

Important: Please wear headphones, otherwise the sound will enter a loop, which will drive our viewers nuts. Also, mute the audio on your computer or mobile device, as this will re-enter your microphone and create another loop. We’re no fans of loops. 

If you read “Waiting to join the conversation” it means everything went well and that now we can decide at any moment to add you to the show. You will see yourself and the host on your screen should we decide to add you to the show. 

If you try to participate from a mobile device (smartphone, tablet), you might need to install the Wirecast Go app first from here (Apple devices only).  

Please try to use an HD camera and a good quality microphone.  

Once you clicked on the link make sure you can see yourself within the browser tab.  

If several guests try to call-in, you will be put in a queue. 

If you are added to the show, you will see yourself and the show’s host on your browser screen. It is normal that there is a delay between what you hear in your headphones and what you see on the screen. 

If we receive many call-ins, we may not be able to guarantee your participation.  

Make sure you appear centered on the screen and that there is enough light in the room. 

You will know that you’ve been called on the show if you see the podcast appear on your browser.