Season 2

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Season 2

New episodes

Racism in the U.S. and Europe

With Dr. Avery Smith, philosophy teacher at Loyola University Chicago and former communications officer at FAO

1hr 09min | PG
Released: Jul 6, 2020

Overcoming fear, living with a deadly gene defect

With Nicola De Nittis, expert in leadership & self-management

45min | PG
Released: Jul 12, 2020

The future of the restaurant business

With Joona Valokorpi, master chef and winner of the Culinary Olympics 2020

13min | PG
Released: Jul 20, 2020

Innovation in Italy

With Eng. Emilia Garito, CEO of Quantum Leap and curator of TEDxRoma.

26min | PG
Released: Aug 03, 2020

Retake Roma + Community Activism in Italy

With Prof. Rebecca Spitzmiller, researcher and law professor at “Università degli Studi Roma Tre” and Co-Founder of Retake Roma.

33min | PG
Released: Nov 24, 2020


Popular episodes

Starting over after deportation from US (and running a succesful business)

With Patrizia di Gregorio,  founder of Expats living in Rome, the number one international social network based in Rome.

1hr 33 min | PG
Released Oct 23, 2019

AudioVisual Art and working with Thom Yorke

With Tarik Barri, a Dutch audiovisual composer based in Berlin.

1hr 19min | PG
Released July 23, 2019

Running a marathon

With James Egerton, teacher at the International House Accademia Britannica in Rome and  Joshua William Dennison, entrepreneur running a business in the UK.

2hr 31min | PG
Released Apr 7, 2019

Circlesinging in Rome

With Chiara Cortez, author, composer, singer and researcher and Daphne Nisi, singer, author and performer from Rome.

57min | PG
Released May 9, 2019

Homeschooling, feminism

With Kate Nicholls, author, homeschool teacher and ex-actress.

1hr 28min | PG
Released Apr 7, 2019

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This podcast focusses on real stories, told by experts in their field, e.g. entrepreneurs, artists, activists. 

In episode 2 we focus on current topics and visions for a post Covid-19 society.


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