This episode focuses on innovation and the future of Italy and its place in the world as a technological and economical heavy-weight.

“Why did you come to this country” is something that I was asked on the day I officially moved to Italy, the country my grandparents had left after second world war in search for a better future, and it’s a question I’m still being asked up to this day.

A simple, yet complex question implying better opportunities elsewhere, a resignation to a seemingly static system that seems to slow down innovation, rather than create new opportunities.

Yet, Italy has one of the strongest economies in the world and it is not mainly driven by tourism and food, contrary to popular believe.

In fact on this episode of the Hey, Sal Podcast I am honoured to have the opportunity to talk to an expert in innovation and technology: 

Emilia Garito, IT engineer and CEO of Quantum Leap (, one of the first Italian Patent Brokers, does not only have an impressive curriculum, spanning from past employment at Finmeccanica Group, the Italian Air Force and working for NATO countries, she also has her finger on the pulse of everything that is currently happening in the world of technology and innovation as the curator of TEDxRoma ( She is an expert in open innovation, artificial intelligence and complex systems modelling and I hope that you find some inspiration in the conversation that I am about to have with her.