So you’re looking for live music venues in Rome, Italy? The file below could be a good starting point and a useful document to organise your own venue research.

Why did I create this live music venue reference?

After my arrival in Rome, Italy almost a decade ago and while exploring this beautiful city I began to make notes about live music venues I came across. From small pubs hosting a random event to professional live music venues with a proper backline. Later, after socialising more and getting to know more people, I collected additional information about who to contact to get gigs.

I also added any complementary information I would find out about a specific venue. During this period, more often than not, I was passed on from one person to another until I finally found out who actually manages the live music in each venue. This was a very frustrating and time-consuming process (especially since it involved a lot of walking). But in the end every result has been useful to me and was added to my notes.


There are many stories to tell about those times, but I won’t bother you with these in this post. So long story short, the collection of my old notes are all now made available in the following table that includes about 180 live music venues where you can perform.

Disclaimer: Please note that this file is from 2015. I haven’t updated it since, but a new, updated version is planned. If that is something you are interested in, let me know

Obviously, since 2015 a lot of venues do no longer exist. Rome, on one hand, is a very static city and little does change over long periods of time. On the other hand, live music venues keep shutting down one after another. This happens at a greater pace than new ones are being opened.

As if things aren’t bad enough, the landscape of venues will be looking very different post Covid-19. Still, if you want to find gigs in any city i figure it’s a good idea to be organised, first gather all possible options, make your strategies about how you think is the best way to promote your work and then take it from there.

The list is provided both as a PDF for easy reference, but you can also download it as an Excel or Numbers file and of course you’re free to use it as a starting point for your own research.

I hope you find it useful!

Stay safe!

Download as  PDF (660 downloads) | Excel (439 downloads)  | Numbers (328 downloads)

P.S.: I have removed some of the more unfiltered and unflattering notes, however for your amusement I kept one comment regarding stoned staff members in one venue. Of course, this is no longer true and said staff no longer works there.

What’s next?

If you want to get involved and help me create and maintain an up-to-date list, get in touch here.

Once I have created an updated 2020 version of this file, I will publish it here. Either check back in a few weeks, or conveniently use the bell icon (in the lower right corner) to receive notifications about any new posts here!

Also, if you got a gig thanks to this list, consider getting me an espresso. ☕️

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