This week Sal had a chat with movie maker Nino Tropiano and artist Grace Guzman. Nino Tropiano’s new movie “NDOTO YA Samira” premiered in Zanzibar this summer and premiered at the RIFF Awards at the “Nuovo Cinema Aquila” in Pigneto, Rome. It tells the story of a Zanzibari woman, Samira, who aspires to have a family like all of her friends but is also determined to pursue higher education and a career. Throughout 7 years of her life, social pressure and the respect of traditions, constantly confront her to choosing one or the other. Grace Guzman began her career modelling at the age of 9, before studying music and dancing and collaborating in various projects, before reaching national recognition with her appearance in the popular Columbian music reality show “Yo me llamo”. She has been featured on “Revista SoHo” in Columbia and on the cover of “VIP” and premiered as an actress on the TV Series “Chica Vampiro” in the role of Marylin Monroe.